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“Los problemas se enraízan cuando los equipos no son abiertos y honestos, especialmente cuando estos equipos son diversos y muchas opiniones distintas deben convivir. Como líder es necesario crear una cultura deque reconozca y promueva la honestidad, así uno no esté de acuerdo con algo. También es importante ser franco especialmente si se es un […]

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“We don’t see that our traditional donations and fundraising are declining,” said Brooke Dorsey McMillan, social media manager at the Lance Armstrong Foundation. “Social media and online donations have assisted in overall fundraising goals. There will always be people that would rather send a check, donate through an estate or put cash in a bucket […]

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Defective batteries are reportedly what’s causing Note7 devices to explode. Specifically, batteries produced by Samsung SDI, which were included in about 70 percent of Note7 devices, according to The Korean Herald. The remaining 30 percent of batteries are produced by Amperex Technology Limited, a Chinese battery manufacturer. With L, Google is trying to take more […]