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Augmented reality features have already become a mini sports marketing trend over the past year. Last July, the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles introduced a feature that delivered highlights, previews, messages from players and statistical analysis to fans who used their smartphones to scan tickets. Also last summer, a digital version of French soccer’s Trophée des champions […]

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Los elementos que estructuran la Lengua son definibles por las relaciones que mantienen entre sí. Finalmente, define “Signo Lingístico”, como la unidad mínima en la que puede dividirse la Lengua, que a su vez la integra la combinación o asociación de un concepto con una imagen acústica. (Saussure). 12. Google Wave: Google’s experimental real time […]

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Reverend Jesse Jackson, the founder of Rainbow/PUSH and long time civil rights activist, summed it up well, “My friend Dr. Richard Lapchick has again presented a tremendous and thorough examination of the unjust biases that exist within college sports. The 2017 College Sport Racial and Gender Report Card (CSRGRC) shows another year of unacceptable REGRETION, […]