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Como en otras citas se bloqueó y para salir de ese estado necesitó un set y medio. El análisis, de hecho, es sencillo. Apenas se necesita hablar de tenis. During the intervening months, everyone from President Carter to Vegas oddsmakers weighed in on J. R. The watercooler energy was enormous. Para justificar la competencia de […]

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Lilly expects to launch 20 new products between 2014 and 2023, including at least two new indications/line extensions on an average every year. The decision to sell or spin off the Animal Health segment, which has underperformed in 2017, is a prudent decision in our view. Also, competitive pressure on Lilly’s drugs is expected to […]

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The most effective recent winnowing came in 1999, when George W. Bush locked up much of the Republican elite, boxing out other candidates like Elizabeth Dole, Lamar Alexander and Dan Quayle before the nominating process was even in full swing. But the pattern can also be less obvious. Ivan Obradovic ha comenzado la pretemporada poniéndose […]